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UltraPharm Medical supplies is a BBBEE level 1 company based in Midrand which specialise in medical consumables and supplies.UltraPharm is a strong believer in teamwork and partnership, and is proud to be associated with world renowned suppliers and partners who are engaged in our market and work closely with us to develop and support our clients.

Our team is fully responsible to drive the strategy of principal and brands in the market South Africa and beyond with the same approach and delivery i.e. (Pricing, Competition strategy, product distribution, sales promotion, customer coverage and sales profitability)

All product specialists working under the division umbrella are directed technically and strategically by the division manager who functionally evaluate the product specialist’s performance. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth. Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life.

Our vision

We’re in an era of unprecedented complexity in healthcare, patient care and medical supplies are not where they should be. Our vision is to improve health care service provision in every setting- one product, one partner, one patient at a time. And we’re making this happen by touching all aspects of healthcare. We believe higher quality healthcare comes when health institutions are truly healthy themselves. Our vision is to provide the products, technology and resources they need to operate more effectively, efficiently, at lower costs and ultimately improve patient health

Our Mission

Provision of quality medical supplies.

What we can help you achieve

Improve patient health with new products, technology and resources |Increase daily operation efficiency| High quality supplies| Outstanding services 

Our Services

We supply medical products and services

Ultrapharm is a leader in the healthcare market specializing in wound care, orthopaedic products, medical disposables and equipment. Inherent in our products is safety and high quality. We are poised with a high range of medical safety devices which include safety iv cannulae, scarpels, lancets and syringes.

Be a part of the future

UltraPharm is structured internally with one of the latest modern business structures in a way that any new Product, Brand or Solution can fit to the organization as fast as possible as Plug & Play methodology.


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